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Early Prime Day Deal: Save $50 on Jabra Elite 85H wireless headphones

Jabra Elite 85h Review
Rich Shibley/Digital Trends

No matter where you live, over the past year the world has gotten, shall we say, intense. Creating your own space, whether you’re focusing on a Zoom call, trying to enjoy your favorite Netflix show, or just listening to some music, has become incredibly important — and incredibly accessible — thanks to wireless and noise-canceling headphones from companies like Jabra. Especially in the run-up to Prime Day deals, when you can take advantage of early deals from Amazon. Right now, you can get $50 off these Jabra Elite 85H Wireless Headphones. These are truly wireless, noise-canceling headphones for $200, down from their regular price of $250 at Amazon.

When people think of noise-canceling headphones, the big brands like Sony and Bose tend to dominate, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t amazing alternatives out there. Take, for example, Jabra, a company whose audio products range from consumer electronics to medical implants. They’re experts at perfecting the sounds you want to allow in, and filtering out those you don’t. Their first entry into the noise-canceling headphone market, the Jabra Elite 85H, performs beautifully. According to our reviewers, it achieved a 4-out-of 5 star rating along with a Recommended Product seal from our review team and can rival top-tier brands.

When it comes to mobile audio, some companies get carried away with their microphones, processors, and speakers, and forget about a singularly important factor: Comfort. With Jabra’s Elite 85H headphones, you’ll find impossibly thick, well-cushioned ear cups with memory foam, to make sure your ears’s comfort is never compromised. On the exterior of the right ear cup, you’ll find fabric that’s embedded with controls for settings adjustment with nothing more than a quick-touch. They’ve also invested design dollars in a softer headband than you’ll find elsewhere, so that you can listen for hours or days and feel great while doing so.

Once we get inside, the tech is equally impressive. The Jabra Elite 85H’s powerful ANC employs four of the eight onboard microphones to eliminate unwanted background noise. Also, the internal components are nano-coated for protection against water and dust. What you get is the kind of noise-canceling tech that puts these headphones in line with Sony and Bose.


Along with comfort, something we forget about when we dive into all this tech talk is another essential element for mobility: Battery life. With the Jabra Elite 85H, you get battery life that’s even more impressive than industry leaders. The Elite 85H provide 36 hours of battery, and get this, that’s with the noise-canceling activated. That absolutely drowns the Sony WH-1000XM3 and the Bose QC 35 II. Additionally, there’s a quick-charge feature that comes with it, so that if you get low, you can plug it in for just 15 minutes for an extended 5 hours of battery life.

The Jabra Elite 85h run with the very best in category when it comes to noise-canceling wireless headphones. Right now, at Amazon, you can get $50 off. That means some of the best noise-canceling headphones on the market can be yours for $200, down from the regular price of $250. Sounds pretty sweet.

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