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EcoFlow Innovates: RIVER 2 Pro Is the Best Portable Power Station Under 1kWh

This content was produced in partnership with EcoFlow.

Power is a concern for everyone. Whether you’re more worried about reliability, availability, costs, or even alternatives — like renewables — power is a big part of our daily lives. We need it to keep our lights on, charge or power our electronics, use our appliances for cooking, cleaning, and much more. Generators are a good source of backup power, especially during an emergency or outage. But they come with a ton of limitations. What if there was a no noise, no fumes, low maintenance, no long-term cost, and a cordless option? Queue the wide world of portable power stations, particularly EcoFlow’s excellent selection of power-ready devices. As a brand, it continuously pushes the envelope in terms of what can be achieved in the portable power market, and this time EcoFlow is back with one of the best portable power stations in the under one-kilowatt-hour category. Introducing the RIVER 2 Pro portable power station and solar generator.

There are two primary features of the RIVER 2 Pro that stand out. It’s portable and powerful. With a 768-watt-hour capacity, it can support essential appliances for as long as hours to a full day’s usage, depending on power requirements. You can charge your phone to make sure you keep up with the news, or so you can make emergency calls, or you can power your fridge to keep your food fresh and preserved. It’s an excellent choice for people that want to find a balance between power and portability. Moreover, with the RIVER 2 Pro, and a 220-watt solar panel, you can achieve up to 1.8 kilowatt-hours of energy per day — the solar panel recharges the unit and keeps everything connected to it powered up. Let’s dig into some of the finer details and specifications of the RIVER 2 Pro, before talking a little about how and why EcoFlow is innovating in today’s portable power market.

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EcoFlow’s Latest Innovation: The River 2 Pro Portable Power Station and Solar Generator

EcoFlow River 2 Pro latest portable power station for everyone off-grid.

With many of the small portable power stations on the market, power is sacrificed to achieve greater portability. Yes, they may serve as a quick support option in a pinch, but you can’t rely on them for long. That’s not true with EcoFlow’s River 2 Pro. It offers the best of both worlds, remaining portable and lightweight so you can move it around your property, toss it in the back of your car, van or RV, or set it up wherever you need it during an emergency, including inside your home — even a small living space. It’s electric, so there are no emissions, no dangerous fumes, and no issues with using it inside or outside. Plus, it has a decent capacity for a smaller-sized unit, doubles as a solar generator, and offers both fast charging speeds and exceptional reliability thanks to the LFP battery technology.

You can recharge it in several ways, including via traditional outlets, and that boosts power from 0% up to 100% within 70 minutes, which is five times faster than comparable models. Thanks to the LFP battery chemistry, the RIVER 2 Pro’s battery life is up to 3000 cycles or 10 years of daily use which is six times longer than the industry average. If you’re not using the RIVER 2 Pro, you don’t have to worry about discharge problems either. Even with no recharging, it barely drains any battery and will hold nearly a full charge after a full year of no use. It’s safe to charge it, set it aside, and pull it out when you need it most, offering a very low maintenance option. Even better, it’s safe to use in hot or high-temperature climates. This is typically not recommended with most batteries, but the RIVER 2 Pro will be just fine in these conditions. It’s brethren, the RIVER 2 256-watt-hour station, and RIVER 2 Max 512-watt-hour station, offer smaller capacities with similar features if you want to downsize.

EcoFlow Continues to Push the Boundaries of Portable Power

EcoFlow products including River 2 Pro on bench outside in the wilderness.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

With its slogan to “power a new world,” EcoFlow is definitely innovating in the portable power station market, but far beyond as well. It offers a whole-home backup power system, for instance, that’s installation-free, has a modular and expandable capacity, and is compatible with dual fuel generators if you’re not sold on all-electric just yet. The starter kit offers up to one day of essential power, with options to expand up to one whole week, and tack on smart controls. Whether you’re looking for a more static option, with portability and modularity still a core focus, or smaller systems, like the RIVER 2 Pro, and accessories — like smart extra batteries, smart remote control solutions, or solar panels — EcoFlow offers an endless variety of practical options.

Loyal members can even join the EcoCredits reward program, earning you valuable rewards every time you shop for EcoFlow products. If you’re considering upgrading your whole-home power backup, or want to pick up a small system in case of emergencies, it’s certainly worth joining the program.

Celebrating RIVER 2 Pro’s Official Launch

EcoFlow River 2 Pro used indoors to power office computer and equipment.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

All-in, EcoFlow offers a tastefully-designed portable power solution but doesn’t stop there. You can expand your arsenal with whole-home backup solutions, accessories, solar panels for renewable charging, and much more. The premiere of the RIVER 2 Pro is exciting, but it certainly isn’t the first time EcoFlow is making waves in the power market, and it certainly won’t be the last.

To coincide with the launch of the RIVER 2 Pro, its latest solution, EcoFlow is offering a ton of excellent perks. For starters, when you use code R2PAPRIL3DT at checkout, you’ll get an 8% discount, bringing the normal price of $649 down to $597. That offer is also available for the RIVER 2 Pro Bundle which includes a 220-watt solar panel. Don’t miss out, that deal runs for a month from April 3 to May 3 and then it’s gone. But wait, there’s more. You’ll also receive a RIVER 2 bag for free, along with triple EcoCredits for your rewards account from April 3 to April 9 at EcoFlow Shopify. It’s an EcoFlow deals extravaganza.

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