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Save 40% on Harman’s new Infinity Lab tech essentials

Audiophiles the world over know the name Harman as a maker of high-end audio equipment, but this brand is not some one-trick pony. Its new Infinity Lab lineup of brings Harman’s excellent build quality, sleek aesthetic, and eye for design to everyday tech essentials like chargers, cables, and power banks, and for a limited time, Digital Trends readers can score 40% off the entire catalog. Just enter the code DT40 at checkout for 40% off your entire order through June 30. You can shop the Infinity Lab collection here , but we’ve gone ahead and picked out a few of our favorite items below.

InstantStation wireless charging stand — $42 with code DT40, was $70

JBL InfinityLab InstantStation phone holder and charger.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Tired of plugging and unplugging your phone or other mobile device in all the time? You need a wireless charging pad — or better yet, a wireless charging stand that props up your phone so you can see incoming messages, calls, and other notifications while your device charges up. The Infinity Lab InstantStation charging stand utilizes Harman’s Power Delivery 3.0 fast wireless technology that can juice up an iPhone 12 back up to 50% in just 30 minutes, or a 2020 MacBook Air to 50% in just 70 minutes when charging in wired mode.

When using Qi wireless charging (which is likely how you’ll be charging your phone most of the time), the InstantStation delivers a steady 15 watts of power to bring your phone back to life in no time. You can also set your phone on the stand horizontally or vertically, and the InstantStation can be used in wireless and wired mode simultaneously to charge up three devices at once thanks to its USB-A and USB-C charging ports. That USB-C connection means you can even charge up compatible laptops, like the aforementioned 2020 MacBook Air.

ClearCall portable Bluetooth speakerphone — $78 with code DT40, was $130

JBL InfinityLab ClearCall Bluetooth Phone speaker.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

What’s handier than a portable Bluetooth speaker? How about a portable Bluetooth speakerphone? The Infinity Lab ClearCall adds 360-degree microphone functionality to a Bluetooth speaker that measures less than 5 by 5 inches and just 1.26 inches thick, so you can take the party (or the conference, or whatever) with you just about anywhere. You can connect to the ClearCall speakerphone via Bluetooth 5.0 or cable, so it can interface with your phone, computer, or other compatible device for calls and meetings.

The Harman Infinity Lab ClearCall’s echo-reducing and noise-canceling far-field microphone is an obvious upgrade over using just your phone, your laptop’s built-in microphone, or a clunky headset to communicate with your friends and colleagues. It also features built-in controls that let you take calls, mute your mic, and adjust volume levels with the press of a button. Its internal battery lasts for up to 24 hours, and of course, you can use the ClearCall speakerphone as a regular old Bluetooth speaker to listen to some jams, podcasts, or audiobooks in your downtime.

InstantGo wireless power packs — As low as $36 with code DT40

InfinityLab InstantGo 1000 wireless charging pack.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

In the mobile age, “tech essentials” don’t get much more essential than a portable charger, so it’s no surprise to see some excellent power banks featured among Harman’s new Infinity Lab line. Portable chargers aren’t exactly new, but the Infinity Lab InstantGo power packs add some great features to the standard power bank design, including 10-watt Qi wireless charging functionality, Power Delivery 3.0 fast-charging technology (the same used in the InstantStation wireless charging stand), and USB-A and USB-C ports that allow you to charge three devices simultaneously.

The InstantGo wireless power packs are also available in two capacities — 5,000mAh and 10,000mAh — so you’ve got a couple of options depending on what you need. The InstantGo 5000 is perfectly suitable for smaller gadgets like smartphones, tablets, or your Nintendo Switch, and carries enough for a full smartphone charge. With Power Delivery 3.0, it can bring an iPhone 12 battery back up to 50% in as little as 30 minutes (charging times naturally vary by make and model, though).

If you need something a bit heavier duty for your days at work or in class, then the larger InstantGo 10000 has enough muscle to juice up laptops like the MacBook Air M1 and other devices with USB-C charging capability. It can also carry enough power to fully charge most smartphones twice before needing a recharge itself. Finally, if you find your phone and your power bank needing a top-up, then smart pass-through charging allows you to charge your phone and InstantGo at the same time with only one wall outlet.

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