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Best Buy discounts must-have Hisense, LG, and Samsung 4K TVs

Nowadays, even the cheapest 4K TVs deliver big in terms of picture quality and features. You no longer have to sacrifice a mortgage payment just to buy a high-performing one. Below are the Hisense H65 Series, LG UN7070, and Samsung 7 Series,, fantastic budget-friendly 4K TVs that are discounted even further at Best Buy. Get them today starting from just $300.

55-inch Hisense H65 Series 4K TV – $300, was $400

Something you’ll definitely be looking forward to with the Hisense H65 Series is Android TV. While this smart TV interface has been around for ages, it hasn’t enjoyed the same level of popularity as others. What’s cool about Android TV is it that acts as the hub for all of your favorite streaming apps and its interface is extremely user-friendly. It’ll take no time at all for you to master navigating it. What’s more, Chromecast is already built-in so you don’t need to make a separate purchase of the device to do screen-mirroring using your smartphone. Its picture quality is pretty good, which is surprising considering how little it costs. 4K resolution is onboard so you can enjoy the best possible picture, and this TV supports Dolby Vision HDR10 and DTS Virtual: X. While its 60Hz native refresh rate is decidedly low, it uses a proprietary Motion Rate technology to deliver stutter-free gaming. It even has Google Assistant built-in so you can just use your voice to change the channel, turn the volume up or down, or search for content if the remote is out of reach. Bluetooth is also on board so you have the option to connect a pair of headphones or a soundbar wirelessly. The 55-inch Hisense H65 Series boasts a fantastic picture performance and comes with plenty of nearly flagship features yet retails for an incredibly low $300 (down from $400) at Best Buy.

65-inch Samsung 7 Series 4K TV – $500, was $550

Samsung’s QLED TVs are its main attraction with their incredibly vibrant picture performance. Unfortunately, they normally retail for over a thousand dollars. Samsung’s entry-level TU7000 or 7 Series is a good low-cost option. This TV’s Crystal Display provides a decent picture quality with decent brightness levels, deep blacks, accurate colors, and high native contrast. Unfortunately, its viewing angles are pretty standard, which is what we’ve come to expect from a budget VA LCD panel. Better stay seated directly in front of it to enjoy the best picture quality. This TV uses a proprietary Crystal Processor 4K and it’s very capable at up-scaling low-resolution images into 4K. Images and videos even with a very low 480p resolution will look great on it with a striking amount of details. High-end video formats supported include HDR10 (which is mandatory for 4K UHD playback) and HDR10+. Unfortunately, just like the rest of Samsung’s TV lineup, including its premium QLED screens, this TV still doesn’t have Dolby Vision support. At least Apple AirPlay 2, Alexa, and Google Assistant are all onboard for your viewing convenience. Finally, Samsung’s Tizen 5 OS is great with a simple and uncluttered interface and navigation that is buttery smooth. Get the budget-friendly 65-inch Samsung 7 Series today for $500 instead of its normal retail price of $550.

75-inch LG UN7070 4K TV – $750, was $900

LG’s UHD 70 Series, or UN7070, boasts an exceptional picture quality which is surprising considering how reasonably priced it is (its giant 75-inch unit comes in at just $750 at Best Buy). Its colors are incredibly vivid, contrasts are great, and it can get extremely bright. Viewing angles are also excellent so no matter where you’re seated you’re bound to enjoy a really good picture. The only qualm we have with its image performance is the blacks look a little gray, but that’s fairly typical of IPS panels. LG’s WebOS platform remains one of our favorite smart TV interfaces. It looks polished and uncluttered, operates quickly, and is very easy to get the hang of it. Although its native refresh rate of 60Hz is a bit on the low side, LG’s superb TruMotion 120 technology ensures you’ll enjoy fast-paced games minus the blurs, stuttering, and screen tearing. Finally, this TV works with Google Assistant and Alexa so you get voice-assisted control, plus Apple AirPlay 2, and Apple HomeKit are all onboard. The LG UHD 70 Series’s outstanding picture performance makes it a truly great low-budget 4K TV option. Get its 75-inch model at Best Buy for $750 instead of $900.

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