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Welcome to A Kids Company About’s new kid-friendly streaming app

A Kids Company About mobile app UI in use.
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Not all kids love to read, and not all kids who do read, prefer that as their main source of information and entertainment. Some kids prefer to be more hands-on and learn best through interactive activities or visually-striking courses. So, it’s ideal to have options, with room to grow and expand your experiences.

That is precisely why A Kids Company About has launched its new kid-friendly app. Having made a name for itself with its popular A Kids Book About series, the app brings its conversation-centric storytelling for kids off of the page and into new streaming formats. Kids can explore many of the topics that the company covers more deeply via podcasts and classes, as well as all-new content series like mindfulness exercises and options to read along with authors from their popular books. It’s an excellent addition to A Kids Co’s already burgeoning library of content, but before we dive into the app — and what it offers — let’s do a brief recap of the team behind it all.

If you want to try out the app, you can sign-up for two months free with an exclusive code for our readers: DIGITALTRENDS.

What is A Kids Company About?

A Kids Company About provides a sizeable collection of kid-friendly content from books and podcasts to interactive classes. More specifically, their conversation-centered media covers a bevy of difficult topics, like social anxiety, racism, adoption, and much more — there are lighter topics covered too! The idea is to give younger audiences a place to start, introducing them to the topics and, hopefully, sparking a deeper discussion with their parents. The team believes that kids are ready to learn and talk about these subjects, whether it’s something they’ve already experienced at school, or home, or just something they’re curious about.

This is the foremost media company that puts diverse voices at the center of its storytelling and content. You may recognize the company from one of its most prevalent titles, A Kids Book About Racism. It’s actually the title that started it all. Written by the company’s founder, Jelani Memory, who is of mixed race. He originally published the book for his children, realizing there was nothing else quite like it at the time. A few years after publishing the first book, Memory started the company and expanded its media offerings. In addition to many more books, the company provides topical podcasts, online courses, and now, an exclusive and premium mobile app.

Meet A Kids Company About’s new streaming app

A Kids Company About mobile app on ipad with UI in landscape mode.
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This new streaming app, called A Kids Co., brings together all of the digital content that A Kids Company About makes; it’s a centralized place where you can browse from their full podcast network, all of their purpose-built classes for teens, as well as brand new content from their books, and even a meditation series. You and your kids can browse content by category or topic to discover hours of dynamic content created, in keeping with the brand’s mission, by a diverse slate of authors, hosts, and teachers.

There’s something for everyone! Starting with its Masterclass-like classes for ages 10 to 15, kids can find cinema-quality, feature-length classes that offer advice and guidance on careers — like becoming a musician or an architect — and other big ideas like finding your passion and living authentically, and much more. Classes are prepared and presented by recognizable names like Liz Vice, Kevin Carroll, Ross Szabo, Paige Hendrix Buckner, Piero Demichelis, George F. Baker III, and more.

A Kids Class About | Official Trailer

One thing the company is quickly becoming known for is its high-production kids audio. Its podcast network, A Kids Podcast About, has nine unique shows that focus on things like facts and critical thinking, emotions and feelings, and even a kid’s summer camp podcast. Each show is packed with episodes that feature hosts and guests from all kinds of backgrounds and identities. The network’s flagship show, A Kids Book About: The Podcast was even named on Apple Podcasts’ “Best of 2021” list.

In the vein of audio, the app also features a new guided meditation series hosted by Nina Purewal to teach mindfulness and help kids feel more connected to their emotions and ready to manage the day’s rhythms and transitions.

Lastly, the company is expanding the conversations started by its beloved A Kids Book About series with read-alongs from its authors that go deeper on topics like systemic racism, belonging, feminism and depression. And, through the month of February, the company will be adding free ebook downloads of its titles written by its Black authors to celebrate Black History Month.

The new app is available for both iOS and Android devices, as well as on Roku, Apple TV+, and Amazon Fire TV, with app store options for the respective platforms. You can also access the app, and stream content, from a browser on nearly any computer.

What’s more, you can sign up for monthly access or an annual subscription (saving 50%) to access all available content. It’s completely safe to let your kids have access, as well. Just be prepared to open discussions about some of the topics that are covered in the app. They’ll probably have lots of questions! Don’t worry! If you think their questions will stump you, you can always read along or watch the classes with your kids to learn together!

Wondering what kind of topics or classes are available? You can browse through A Kids Company About’s catalog to explore, and everything is visible before you even sign up. Don’t forget to use that exclusive code for our readers, DIGITALTRENDS. You’ll get two months free to try out the app and the available content, with no restrictions.

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