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You need to buy this 65-inch Samsung QLED 4K TV right now

With Amazon’s two-day Prime Day event drawing to a close yesterday, you might think that all the best deals are in the past. But fortunately not! You can still pick up some great last-minute Prime Day Deals today, including Prime Day 4K TV Deals, and we have one absolute gem you won’t want to miss. If you’re after a 65-inch 4K TV that looks absolutely stunning and takes advantage of the latest developments in technology, then you’ll want to check out this Samsung Q60T QLED 4K TV offer from Best Buy. QLED TVs are some of the best in the business, and though this model usually costs $1,000, you can pick it up today for $950 and snag yourself a top-notch TV while saving some cash as well. Prime day deals aren’t all there is to this year, there are many options to check out at the best Black Friday TV deals.

QLED technology, or Quantum Light-Emitting Diode, is an upgrade on regular LED TVs which uses tiny particles called quantum dots which allow the picture to be even brighter and more colorful. The QLED technology is super cool and pretty complex, but the upshot is that your TV will appear much brighter, so you can easily see detail even in bright sunlight during the day. The picture will also appear more rich and saturated in color than a traditional LED TV. So your movies, TV shows, and games will look better and brighter than ever before.

At 65 inches, this Samsung Q60T model is plenty large enough for you to appreciate the fine details of your content, and it offers Quantum HDR for even better color detail. Its Quantum 4K processor transforms the content you watch up to 4K even if it’s at a lower resolution to give you the best viewing experience possible, at it has Motion Rate 120 to make high-speed action scenes look clearer as well.

For film lovers who want to see their movies in the brightest, most colorful version they can, this QLED 4K TV looks stunning and has a picture quality that is sure to delight. If you’re wanting to pick up a new TV but also save some cash, then with $50 off you can pick up this Samsung Q60T for just $950 today. But hurry, as the offer won’t last for long!

We’ve also rounded up all the non-Prime Day 4K TV deals happening out, so be sure to check those out if you’re something a bit cheaper.

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