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Stay productive, proactive, and protected with the Setapp software bundle

This content was produced in partnership with Setapp.

There is an ocean of productivity software to swim through, which speaks to the obvious need for workers and students to stay focused and on-task in a digital world full of distractions. There are so many apps out there, in fact, that it can become a job in itself to find the best ones for your needs, let alone to manage using them all. If you’re a Mac user, then Setapp might be the ultimate app management ecosystem. It offers more than 240 essential tools that can streamline your workflow, enhance your productivity, manage your daily routines, and help you to stay focused. Setapp is a no-brainer for busy professionals who need to navigate today’s technology-driven work landscape. It’s also on sale right now: Through January 2, 2023, you can save up to 40% when you sign up for Setapp along with MasterClass and/or 1Password. Read on to learn more about what this app bundle can do for you.

Stay productive with Setapp

Setapp bundle together
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You can think of Setapp as less of a standalone app and more like a Mac and iPhone app compendium. Setapp makes it easy to search, find, install, and use a variety of productivity apps while allowing you to manage them all in one ecosystem. If you’ve ever found yourself trying to swipe through and juggle multiple apps at the same time, you know it can quickly take up more time and energy than it saves you. Setapp offers a more organized and streamlined solution to productivity software than installing and using a bunch of different apps independently. The Setapp catalog contains more than 240 apps, not only for productivity but also for security, personal financial management, writing, blogging, creativity, device maintenance, Mac and iPhone customization, and more.

Stay proactive with MasterClass

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MasterClass is a streaming platform where anyone can learn from the world’s best. MasterClass members get access to more than 180 instructors and classes across a wide variety of topics including arts and entertainment, writing, business, food, home and lifestyle, music, sports and gaming, and more. The classes are delivered in mobile-friendly bite-sized video lessons. Each video lesson offers cinematic visuals and close-up, hands-on demonstrations to make learning fun and easy, and you can stream the classes on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV. Your subscription gets you unlimited on-demand access to all of the classes in the MasterClass catalog. If you never tire of learning new things, MasterClass is a great complement to your productivity tool kit.

Stay protected with 1Password

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Ask any cybersecurity professional for tips on how to avoid today’s online dangers, and chances are good that something will come up about the importance of keeping secure passwords. That means not using the same password for every account, and if you, like many people, are guilty of doing that, then 1Password is an easy way to kick that all-too-common habit. With this app, you can generate unique and secure passwords for all of your accounts, keep them in one safe place, and set up automatic logins — no more having to remember a password, or worse yet, having to write it down. But 1Password does more than just manage your online logins: You can also add things like alarm codes, payment card PIN numbers, and more to your digital “key ring,” and 1Password seamlessly syncs across all of your devices. It’s cross-compatible with various platforms, too, including MacOS, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and computer web browsers.

Setapp is available for both MacOS computers and iPhones; pricing starts at $10 per user per month for Mac only or $12.50 per month for Mac and iPhone (you can save 10% with an annual subscription). Through Monday, January 2, you can take advantage of a discount of up to 40% when you sign up for Setapp or bundle with 1Password, MasterClass, or both. If Setapp is all you want, you can currently enjoy a 20% discount on the annual plan. If you bundle it with 1Password, you can take 30% off, and if you bundle Setapp with MasterClass, you can enjoy a 35% discount. If you sign up for all three, however, then you get the maximum discount of 40%.

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