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This 85-inch, full-array TV is $1,000 off at Best Buy – why it’s worth it

Sony 85-inch Class BRAVIA XR X90K

Sony is a TV brand that doesn’t really need any introductions, especially given some of their more behemoth TVs, like this Sony 85-inch Class BRAVIA XR. In fact, you’re pretty lucky that it has one of the better Best Buy TV deals on it, bringing it down to $2,300 from $3,300, which is a whopping $1,000 off the base price and a pretty big steal, all things considered.

Why you should buy the Sony 85-inch Class BRAVIA XR X90K

The thing that we really want to point out is that it’s a massive 85-inch TV, something that’s a bit of a rarity, especially below the $2,500 price bracket. As if that wasn’t enough, it also packs a lot of great tech features, like the cognitive processor, which knows how we perceive things in the real world and tries to re-create that on screen using its full-array LED lighting and individualized control zones. It also tries to make colors more true to life, with the deep blacks being especially important and good here. As you’d expect for a TV with this price tag, the Bravia also gets HDR and Dolby Vision, so you have great support nearly across the board for HDR content, regardless of how you consume it.

The Bravia also has a few other interesting features, such as XR Motion Clarity, ostensibly a motion smoothening tech that’s meant to re-create the feel of a higher refresh rate. More importantly, though, there’s the XR 4K upscaling that allows you to watch your older non-4k content with relative ease, although keep in mind that upscaling is never really perfect. It also has some good input lag for gaming at 8.5ms, which won’t people won’t notice unless they are playing pro, and even then, it’s a maybe. Finally, the whole thing is built on Google TV, so you get all the expected integrations, such as Chromecast and Google Assistant, which are a huge plus.

Overall, it’s hard to discuss the massive 85 inches of the Bravia compared to other screens, but it’s certainly a great deal from Best Buy, bringing it down to $2,300. That being said, we do have some other 85-inch TV deals for you to look at if this one doesn’t do it for you and you don’t care about size; we also have a great list of 4K TV deals for you to peruse.

What is a full-array LED TV?

If you’ve been shopping for TVs recently and have come across the term ‘Full-Array LEDs’ and are wondering what it means exactly, well, you’re in luck because it’s actually pretty simple!

All TVs require some form of backlighting since the panel itself only deals with things like color and resolution and therefore relies on another part of the TV to actually get the brightness it has (otherwise, you’d basically see a blank image). As such, the backlighting of TVs tends to come in three different forms, which are, from worst to best: edge lighting, direct lighting, and full-array lighting. So what does each one of those mean?

Well, edge lighting does what it sounds like; it’s a row of lights around the edge of the TV facing inward and lighting the panel, which means that it can’t really control precise areas of brightness, which can ultimately affect contrast and dark colors. At the top end, full-array lighting has lights all across the panel and at such a high density that it can handle really small areas, think ten to 100-pixel groups, which is absolutely tiny with 4K TVs, so that’s pretty impressive. Finally, in the middle, there’s direct lighting which is similar to full-array lighting in that it has lights across the panel, but they’re much less dense, so instead of controlling groups of 100 pixels, it might be more like groups of 1,000 or more.

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