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Last Chance: Udacity Offers Huge 50% Discount on All Online Courses

Learn new tech skills to boost your career for only 5-10 hours/week

In the fast-moving world of technology, it’s always smart to stay on top of new developments and continue to learn new things, especially if you’re busy working from home right now. That’s why Udacity is such a fantastic resource. It’s the world’s fastest and most efficient way to master the skills that tech companies genuinely want. With hundreds of different courses available, there’s no filler here. All of the courses are high-quality and are built and recognized by top companies worldwide including the likes of Google, AWS, AT&T, Microsoft, and many more.

Right now, you can enjoy 50% off Nanodegree programs through the month of December. This is the lowest price ever and it applies to both bundle deals and monthly subscriptions. Each course suggests an enrollment deadline but these are general guidelines by Udacity to provide you some structure. We’ve got some great suggestions.

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Programming for Data Science with Python

Has a data science career always appealed to you? Sign up for the Programming for Data Science with Python Nanodegree program and you can learn about fundamental data programming tools including Python, SQL, command line, and Git. It’s a convenient way to cover all the foundations. The course is laid out in a simple fashion, covering an introduction to SQL, followed by an intro to Python, and Version Control. Between them, you’ll learn all the key fundamental components of both SQL and Python before appreciating the importance of how to use version control so you can share your work with other people within the industry.

  • Estimated time to complete program: 3 months at 10 hours per week
  • Pre-requisite: None besides basic computer skills

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Agile Software Development

Learning more efficient and flexible methodologies is everything when adapting to a fast-moving world. That’s the thinking behind the Agile Software Development Nanodegree program. Designed for beginners, it helps you learn the best practices for using the Agile framework to build better products faster and more efficiently. It’s the kind of methodology that expands to other parts of your work, with the program teaching you about Scrum, Kanban, and XP, all in a bid to boost your performance over time. If you want to become an essential asset of your team, this is a great way to go about it.

  • Estimated time to complete course: 3 months at 5-10 hours per week.
  • Pre-requisite: No experience required.

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Full Stack Web Developer

If you already have some prior experience with Python, CSS/HTML, and Git then why not sign up to be a Full Stack Web Developer? The Nanodegree program helps you learn how to design and develop modern web applications that form the foundation for both apps and websites, along with systems that individuals and businesses may use. Immensely flexible, it teaches the skills necessary to build database-backed APIs which help protect and enhance software applications. If you want to up level your skills from development to server deployment, this is the course for you.

  • Estimated time to complete program: 4 months at 5-10 hours per week.
  • Pre-requisite: Prior experience with Python, CSS/HTML, and Git.

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Become a C++ Developer

C++ is used across a variety of engineering applications. Whether you’re designing video games, media platforms, web browsers, or even self-driving cars, C++ often plays a role. That means this is the perfect time to learn how to become a Full C++ Developer. The hands-on program teaches you through five real-world projects so you learn by doing rather than simply reading the theory behind C++. You’ll learn to build a route planner using OpenStreetMap data, write a process monitor for your computer, and more. Through the projects, you’ll learn the foundations behind C++ as well as the importance of memory management and more.

  • Estimated time to complete program: 4 months at 10 hours per week.
  • Pre-requisites: Intermediate knowledge of any programming language.

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What is a Nanodegree program?

A Nanodegree program is effectively a course of study that’s aimed at a very specific field of technology so your skillsets are vastly improved for less. Whichever course you choose, you get 24/7 access to qualified mentors so you can easily reach out and ask questions quickly. Each Nanodegree program also includes real-world projects so you can be challenged and inspired by doing something a little outside of your comfort zone, as well as read up on the theoretical side of things. Each course only takes around 10 hours a week for 3 months so you can easily slot in amongst your busy work and personal life, safe in the knowledge you’re expanding your career opportunities.

Is a Udacity program actually worth your time?

It is. A 2020 survey of Udacity Nanodegree program graduates found that 50% received an increase in pay after signing up, with a median increase of 33%. Over 70% of the graduates also reported a favorable career outcome. All you really need to do now is decide what program to do and now is the perfect time to take advantage of Udacity’s biggest discount ever. Explore programs and start learning new skills today for 50% off.

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