This Megalodon Battlefield 4 easter egg is a must-watch

battlefield 4 megalodon easter egg

The megalodon, a prehistoric shark thought to be long extinct, has been discovered in the unlikeliest of places: Battlefield 4. The newly released Naval Strike DLC features in easter egg that allows players to see what it’s like to be smashed to goo beneath the crushing weight of a 100-foot-long mega-shark. Spoiler alert: it hurts, and results in immediate death.

Here’s how to encounter Megalodon yourself: To witness the mighty power of the long-vanished ocean-dweller for yourself, fire up a game of BF4 on the new Nansha Strike map and gather 10 players in total around a specific buoy near the map’s main island. Hang out there for a bit and the big fella will show up. What follows isn’t pretty, but you’ll be able to gape at the super-shark for a few moments before its deadly belly-flop wipes out two squads worth of Battlefield soldiers. Needless to say, you’ll need the Naval Strike DLC in order to make this work.

Alternatively, you can play it safe and simply watch the video below. We won’t judge you.