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Cooler Master's new MasterKeys Pro series lights up with full RGB LEDs

Cooler Master is putting out a couple of Cherry MX gaming keyboards that combine straightforward design with full RGB illumination.

The Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro series will include two new minimalistic keyboards, hardware blog Hexus is reporting: the Pro L, which comes complete with the number keypad, and the Pro S, which doesn’t include the number keypad but is otherwise identical.

Both will feature Cherry MX Brown switches, and other Cherry MX switches will be offered later. The MX Brown is responsive enough for gaming, but also works for long typing sessions without exhausting your hands.

On the flashier side of things, the Pro L and Pro S both feature LEDs with all kinds of options.

“The MasterKeys Pro offers multiple lighting modes,” Kevin Yang, Peripherals Product Manager at Cooler Master, told Hexus. “Presets include Color Wave, Breathing, and other responsive effects. You can choose between red, brown, or blue switches to match your tactile preference.”

The lighting was clearly a priority: Yang said the team “completely redesigned the interior of the MasterKeys to fit both Cherry MX switches, and bigger, brighter LEDs that can radiate 16.7 million colors.”

The software for configuring the lighting works the same for the Pro L and the Pro S: there’s no feature limitation by model. Cooler Master is working on an SDK for people who want to take customization to another level entirely.

Both keyboards will be available by the end of March or the beginning of April. Hexus is reporting that the full-sized L will cost £110, which at the current exchange rate is around $156, while the S will cost £90, or around $128.

You can read more at the Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro L and Pro S on the official website, but pre-ordering doesn’t seem to be available yet.

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