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‘Destiny 2’ players spent 25.6 years combined deleting their unwanted shaders

The latest Destiny 2 statistics released by Bungie reveal that players dismantled (deleted) 807,635,124 shaders in the 77 days spanning between the launch of Bungie’s Warmind expansion and the final Season 3 Faction Rally. At a one-second-per-shader deletion rate, that number tallies up to a combined 25.6 years across all active Guardians.

For the uninitiated, a shader simply brings color to your armor, weapons, and vehicles. They are either dropped as loot or provided as consumable items you can purchase through one of the game’s non-player characters. Given your inventory can hold only so many shaders at one time, players must delete unwanted, unused shaders to make room for more they may actually install.

Item deletion is one of the big time wasters in Destiny 2. To get rid of unwanted weapons and armor, you must dismantle each piece one at a time rather than quickly sell them off. The same holds true with other consumables like shaders: You must delete each one at a time. That will change starting August 28 when Bungie introduces a mass deletion feature just for shaders.

In addition to bulk shader deletion, the August 28 “pre-patch” for the upcoming Forsaken expansion will see changes to the weapon slots that labels all weapons as kinetic, energy or power. That said, players could essentially have three variants of the same weapon rather than seeing one weapon, such as the shotgun, locked specifically to the power weapon slot. The patch will also increase your Vault slots up to 500, add Heroic story missions, and more.

As for other Destiny 2 statistics provided by Bungie, the company reveals that players completed 263,441,393 public events between Warmind’s launch and the final Season 3 Faction Rally. They also completed 77,020,788 Escalation Protocol waves, cleared 6,413,369 Normal raids and 757,320 Prestige raids.

Here are even more statistics:

Future War Cult

  • Hunters pledged: 575,110
  • Titans pledged: 321,725
  • Warlocks pledged: 321,968
  • Engrams opened: 20,576,204

Dead Orbit

  • Hunters pledged: 818,723
  • Titans pledged: 552, 289
  • Warlocks pledged: 648,299
  • Engrams opened: 33,015,114

New Monarchy

  • Hunters pledged: 580,413
  • Titans pledged: 575,737
  • Warlocks pledged: 404,133
  • Engrams opened: 18,771,223


  • Leviathan Kills: 1,659,067,057
  • Leviathan Deaths: 117,828,570
  • Leviathan Eater of Worlds kills: 590,837,184
  • Leviathan Eater of Worlds deaths: 45,256,143
  • Leviathan Spire of Stars kills: 588,769,630
  • Leviathan Spire of Stars deaths: 37,473,826

The third expansion for Destiny 2, Forsaken, arrives on all three platforms on September 4. It will be a stand-alone expansion and not made available through the current Destiny 2 expansion pass. That means you’ll be required to shell out an extra $40 for the expansion on its own, or $70 for the “annual pass” that includes Forsaken and three upcoming “premium” content releases. Both options require the base Destiny 2 game, Curse of Osiris and Warmind.

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