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Double Fine joins the THQ bidding to win back its own games


Double Fine, the studio behind such fine products as Psychonauts, Costume Quest, and Stacking, are still in the pool of video game developers and publishers bidding on the leftover properties held by THQ. The now defunct publisher is set to auction off the last remnants of its business in April, and while big ticket items like Darksiders and Red Faction will be auctioned off individually, what Double Fine is after is unfortunately included in a package of 34 other intellectual properties.

In particular, Double Fine is trying to win back the console distribution rights to Costume Quest and Stacking. It self-published those titles in 2010 and 2011, but THQ managed their release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

“Double Fine owns the IP rights to Costume Quest and Stacking,” Double Fine VP of business development Justin Bailey told Polygon, “THQ retained limited distribution rights that we bid on during the previous process to reclaim them prior to their expiration. We are optimistic about regaining these distribution rights, as this process has already demonstrated that when there are parties interested in specific assets, those assets are worth more when sold separately.”

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