Earth Defense Force 2017 Hits Xbox 360

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D3Publisher of America, a video game publisher, announced today the release of Earth Defense Force 2017, a third-person arcade shooter which is very popular in Japan. This video game title is available exclusively on the Xbox 360 console and is is rated “T” for Teen by the ESRB.

In Earth Defense Force 2017 players battle an array of various alien attackers such as giant ants, spiders, robots and bio-engineered monsters standing more than 20 stories tall. Players may end up seeing hundreds of enemies on screen at once as they fight across 53 levels of destructible environments using over 150 weapons. The game can be played with AI teammates or in co-op mode. Players can also face off against one another in a deathmatch.

Earth Defense Force 2017 was developed for D3Publisher by Sandlot.

“This wildly popular title has done exceedingly well in Japan, and devotees of the Earth Defense Force series have been clamoring for a North American release,” said Alison Quirion, vice president of marketing, D3PA, in a statement. “We are only too happy to deliver the exhilarating insect armies, alien attackers and wide-ranging defensive power to both loyal EDF series fans and new recruits!”