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Topple giant ogres to save humanity in ‘Extinction,’ launching April 10

EXTINCTION Official Reveal Trailer (2018)
Extinction, a fantasy action game about toppling giant ogres, launches April 10 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Iron Galaxy and Modus Games announced the collaborative project at E3 2017 last summer with an impressive reveal trailer, shown above.

The game stars Avil, the last of a legendary group of warriors called the Sentinels, in his homeland of Dolorum. Humanity has been overrun by the Ravenii, ogres that tower over buildings and impose their will on a human civilization. As the game’s title suggests, the Ravenii must be defeated or else the human race will cease to exist.

Combat, designed by Iron Galaxy (Killer Instinct), features a mix of fast-paced acrobatics and hack-and-slash action. Avil can use his whip to get airborne, pulling ogres up with him, before sending them to their death with a well-timed combo strike. As a skilled Sentinel, Avil can wall run, grapple, and swing from the tops of buildings, and hurdle through the air to surprise enemies down below. Time slows down during certain moments in combat which allows players to build up and execute elaborate combos to take out hordes of minion ogres at a time.

For Avil to save his people, though, he must topple the giant ogres, which necessitates using his full arsenal of tricks and flourishes to both avoid their devastating attacks and scale the colossal beings to take off their heads. Based on the reveal trailer, it seems that ogres can regenerate limbs, so to bring them to the ground for good, their heads must roll.

A deluxe edition of the game will be available for $70 and comes with the “Days of Dolorum” season pass, netting users post-launch DLC packs. Buying the deluxe edition will save you five bucks in the long run, as the season pass will cost $15 as a stand-alone purchase.

Those who pre-order will receive additional DLC depending on where you pick up your game.

  • Best Buy: “Short Fuse” bonus trial featuring unique objectives.
  • GameStop: “Last Legs” and “Heads, You Win” timed trials focused on combat.
  • PlayStation Store: “Double Trouble” trial that asks Avil to use speed, strength, and skill.
  • Microsoft Store: “Brightsteel City” challenge trial.

Extinction launches April 10 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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