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Final Fantasy V is the latest game in the series to be re-released on Steam

Aside from the MMORPGs Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV, games in the Final Fantasy series and JRPGs as a whole aren’t often associated with the PC. That has started to change over the last few years, and judging by the releases we’ve already seen this year — last month’s Steam release of Grandia II for example — that isn’t going to change any time soon.

Yesterday Final Fantasy V became the most recent in the series to appear on Steam. This version of the game is based on the 2013 release of the game for iOS and Android, but will feature updated controls including controller support. Both Steam trading cards and Steam Achievements are supported in this re-release as well.

This version of the game includes content that was added in the 2006 re-release of the game for the Game Boy Advance, including the secret dungeon The Sealed Temple. This version also includes an optional boss, Enuo, designed by Tetsuya Nomura, and characters recreated by character designer Kazuko Shibuya.

While Final Fantasy VI is the most talked about game from the series’ 16-bit era, Final Fantasy V was more forward-thinking and adventurous in its design. Fans often point to the game’s job system, which allows players to change a character’s class at any time, eventually choosing from up to 26 unique job classes.

This release makes Final Fantasy V the fifth non-MMO entry in the Final Fantasy series to appear on Steam. Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII have been available since 2013, while Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 arrived last year. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD — a port of the PSP game — arrived on Steam last month.

Final Fantasy V will be released on Steam on September 24 and will sell for $16. A special preorder sale is currently underway, giving early bird buyers a 10 percent discount at $14.39. This promotion ends Sept. 24 at 10 a.m. PDT.

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