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‘Final Fantasy XV’ will receive a ‘New Game+’ mode in next week’s update

final fantasy xv character swapping december update
Final Fantasy XV will celebrate the festive season with a free update scheduled for next week. All players will gain access to some new features and a host of new items, while season pass holders are set to receive a further selection of ability-boosting gear.

The free content is headlined by the addition of a New Game+ mode, which allows players who have already completed the game to start it again with their gameplay data intact. A new photo frame feature is also being introduced, which can be used to apply frames to photographs taken in-game by Prompto.

The Holiday Pack also features the Warrior’s Fanfare item, a scroll of sheet music that can be used to provide additional ability points (AP) when players earn an A+ grade in offense outside of training, and a Nixperience Band that stops party members from earning experience to provide added difficulty to the game.

The package also grants access to a Carnival Passport that permits entry to the Moogle Chocobo Carnival scheduled for late January, and a Choco-Mog t-shirt that will be available around the same time.

Season pass owners will receive all that content and several more items. The Tech Turbocharger and Armiger Accelerator work by supercharging the tech bar and the Armiger bar, respectively, each operating at the cost of freezing the other bar. Meanwhile, Blitzer’s Fanfare provides additional AP when players earn an A+ grade in Time outside of training, and Tactician’s Fanfare does the same for the Finesse parameter.

Finally, the Key of Prosperity increases the rate at which fallen enemies drop useful items, and the Stamina Badge allows Noctis to sprint and hang without using up stamina. Season pass owners will also receive a Festive Ensemble outfit and a set of exclusive photo frames in January.

The first wave of Holiday Pack content for Final Fantasy XV is scheduled to be distributed to players starting December 22.

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