Four hunters, one monster: See all the angles in Evolve’s new interactive trailer

four hunters one monster see angles evolves new interactive trailer evolve  feb screenshot 7

The latest trailer for Evolve, Turtle Rock Studios’ cooperative action game that pits four uniquely powered, player-controlled hunters against one ever-strengthening, also player-controlled alien, serves to highlight the differences between each playable being in the game. The so-called “4v1 Interactive Trailer” allows viewers to flip between all five perspectives at their leisure, for the length of a single match.

In a typical showdown, the Goliath monster eludes the four hunters while feasting on the local fauna to gain strength. The hunters – Griffin the Trapper, Markov the Assault, Hank the Support, and Val the Medic – chase the beast around the map, working together to bring down the more powerful alien before it can…wait for it…evolve enough to wipe them all out. You can find more specifics in our hands-on preview.

Note that you’ll have to turn on Annotations in your YouTube account settings (under the Playback sub-menu) in order to make the interactive bits – which just shuttle to different points in the video – work. That means you’ll also need to have a YouTube account. We’ve had varying amounts of success getting it to work in different browsers. If you’re having trouble in your browser of choice, try a different one.