Game On With del Toro for ‘Sundown’

Mexican film director Guillermo del Toro, who brought Hellboy,Cronos, and Blade II to the big screen, has inked a deal with game studio Terminal Reality to develop “Sundown,” a new video game where an average person must survive an apocalypse of zombies and other monsters by forming alliances and passing scary challenges.

And also, we presume, by doing lots and lots of fighting.

Terminal Reality birthed the BloodRayne franchise and Aeon Flux video games, created the Sundown property and will develop the game for next-generation platforms like the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Del Toro will own the Sundown television and movie rights.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, del Toro is an avid gamer and anticipates a day when storytelling will transform into a hybrid of movies and gaming. (Which, we think, would kinda suck for those of us who can read but aren’t so great with the finger-twitching.) The director aims to create distinct narrative threads throughout the game, blending narrative with set pieces and atmospheric elements.