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GameFly Streaming to make Samsung Smart TVs a whole lot more fun

GameFly Streaming comes to Samsung Smart TVs
While GameFly has been streaming games to PCs for years, this year it stepped into new territory. In June the company launched a new console game streaming service simply called GameFly Streaming. Initially only available on the Amazon Fire TV, it is about to expand its reach significantly.

GameFly Streaming is now coming to Samsung Smart TVs, the two companies announced in a press release yesterday. Not only is this a significant expansion for the service — GameFly estimates the rollout will grow its reach by as many as 300 million customers — but it also means that owners of newer Samsung smart TVs are now the owners of a new game console of sorts.

“For anyone with a Samsung Smart TV in their living room, the TV is a gaming gateway right out of the box — no need to buy another console,” VP of Samsung’s visual display service business team Young Chan Kim said. “GameFly streaming delivers content for both gamers and families and the subscription format is a very cost effective way to play a wide variety of games.”

While the service doesn’t offer new releases, it does boast its fair share of games. The selection is currently on the small side, but the games available are certainly titles you know like GRID 2, Sleeping Dogs, and Batman: Arkham Origins. Games are offered as packs, like the “Hardcore Pack,” which bundles together games from the Darksiders and Red Faction series. Prices vary per bundle, but aren’t expensive, starting at $7 per month.

The service isn’t available for older Samsung Smart TVs, but the press release says that Samsung models purchased in 2014 and 2015 should be compatible with the service. The only other thing you’ll need is a controller. GameFly recommends the Logitech F310 and F710 or the Xbox wired controller.

Of course, you’ll also need an Internet connection capable of streaming the games in the first place. The minimum bandwidth listed on the service’s website is 5 Mbps, though for HD quality you’ll need at least 8.5 Mbps, and GameFly says that 10 Mbps is optimal.

For more information, see the GameFly Streaming website.

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