Genius Debuts New Gaming Accessories

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Genius, a division of KYE Systems and maker of computer gear, has unveiled two new gaming accessories targeted towards those who game online. The Genius ErgoMedia 500 game pad and HS-04V Vibration headset are priced at $40 and $25 respectively and should be available now.

The Genius ErgoMedia 500 is a game pad designed for use with the PC. It is ideal for first person shooter or Internet gaming fans, according to Genius. It has a rather unique ergonomic design to it and offers 11 programmable keys. Other features of this game pad include a back-light for night-gaming, four-way directional buttons, a built-in microphone jack and three different game functions which can help gamers play a better level in their favorite PC gaming title.

The Genius Vibration HS-04V, meanwhile, is a PC gaming headset with a built-in gooseneck microphone. It has a vibration feature which uses bass to create a more in-depth gaming experience. Beyond the vibration this headset also offers inline volume control, an open design for maximum comfort and power choices of USB or battery.