Kinect Star Wars game and Xbox 360 bundle delayed until 2012


Can you feel that? The disturbance in the Force? It’s like millions of voices that have been crying out in terror about the upcoming holiday season’s video games were suddenly silenced.

Too Forced? (heh) There’s good news and bad news for Xbox 360-playing fans of Star Wars. The release of the upcoming Kinect Star Wars Kinect game has been pushed out into 2012, Microsoft has confirmed to OXM. Bad news for those who were looking forward to playing the game. But good news too, because it’s one less thing to have to buy this fall!

The delay also means that the super-cool Xbox 360 Kinect Star Wars bundle will be pushed back as well. That’s the real relief for Star Wars fans (like me) who look forward to having an R2-D2-themed Xbox but shudder in fear at the $450 price tag.

A statement from MS lays out the very justifiable reason for the delay: “Microsoft and LucasArts have elected to move the launch of Kinect Star Wars beyond holiday 2011 to ensure the full potential of this title is realized. This move applies to both the Kinect Star Wars stand-alone game and the Kinect Star Wars Limited Edition Console. We will communicate additional timing information at a later date.”

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