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LG is working on a patch to reduce input lag on its HDR displays

LG B6 OLED55B6P (2016) review
Bill Roberson/Digital Trends
A high dynamic range (HDR) display is the latest essential purchase for gamers who are keen to ensure that their home entertainment suite is as close to the cutting edge as possible. However, the expanded color palette that these monitors can put on screen can sometimes cause problems with other areas of the experience.

LG is a company that many consumers trust when it comes to buying a new television set, and its products frequently receive high praise from critics. However, there has been criticism levelled against the manufacturer when it comes to its HDR sets, and their suitability for video game applications.

Many users have observed a palpable input lag when playing video games on an LG display with support for HDR. This can easily ruin the experience, as having your motions on the controller lag even slightly behind the action on screen is a recipe for frustration, particularly while playing online.

The problem is apparently a result of the increased time that the television set needs to process the HDR signal, according to a report from Hexus. Fortunately, the team of engineers at LG is working on a solution to ensure that gamers can use the company’s products without any such problems.

It’s expected that a patch fixing the issue will be rolled out to LG’s range of 2016 HDR displays sooner rather than later, although there’s no particular indication of when the update will be distributed. Moving forward, it’s rumored that LG will include a dedicated HDR gaming mode in its television scheduled to launch next year.

Hardcore gamers expect the best from their hardware, and if LG sets aren’t able to display HDR content without input lag, it’s easy to see how enthusiast audiences could be convinced to check out other companies’ offerings. LG will no doubt be looking to rectify this situation as quickly as possible to avoid losing out to a competitor.

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