Title of next Tomb Raider game leaked by Montreal commuter’s open laptop

new tomb raider game leaked tombraider2
Just a few weeks after Rise of the Tomb Raider was released for the PlayStation 4, after a year of Xbox exclusivity, evidence of its follow-up has been leaked. A passenger on the Montreal subway spotted a fellow commuter working on a presentation on their laptop, and it seems that the document has proven the existence of the sequel.

The game is being developed under the working title Shadow of the Tomb Raider. While it’s difficult to tell what stage of development the project is in, it’s thought that the document in question was a marketing presentation, so it seems likely that this title will stick.

However, that’s not the only news about the next Tomb Raider game that has broken as a result of the leak. It seems that the sequel will not be developed by Crystal Dynamics, the studio that handled both the 2013 reboot and last year’s Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Instead, Eidos Montreal will take the reins for Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The studio has plenty of experience working with major properties, having developed both the two most recent mainline Deus Ex games and the 2014 Thief reboot, and contributed to the multiplayer component of the Tomb Raider reboot.

Eidos Montreal has longstanding ties to the Tomb Raider franchise, having been founded by Eidos Interactive, the series’ original publisher. The fact that the studio is working on the new game has apparently been confirmed by multiple sources, according to a report from Eurogamer.

It remains to be seen whether Crystal Dynamics is still working on the franchise. The studio may have been given the opportunity to develop something a little different, having spent the past decade on Tomb Raider — but it’s also very possible that both studios are set to alternate on Lara Croft’s continuing adventures for the foreseeable future.

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