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Nintendo 3DS is hazardous to the eyes of children

nintendo-3ds-ruins-baby-eyesPlaying the Nintendo 3DS at young ages may be hazardous to long-term eyesight. Nintendo has issued a series of warnings saying kids under six should not play games in 3D because their vision may still be developing, reports Kotaku. Viewing 3D movies, games, or television at such young ages could negatively affect the development of stereoscopic vision, though the effects are not yet well documented or studied.  Kids can still play, however, by toggling the handheld system’s “3D Volume” switch down, effectively making the game 2D.

The game maker also warns that those experiencing eye fatigue should take a break from playing every 30 minutes, which is twice as often as traditional 2D games. Some 3D games may tire the eyes faster than others. In addition, those with differing vision in their left and right eyes may experience discomfort when viewing 3D.

These warnings come as Nintendo unveils its game lineup for Nintendo World 2011, an event in Tokyo this January. GameStop has already began taking pre-orders for the Nintendo 3DS, which should get a U.S. price and release date any day now.

To reiterate: if you don’t want your kids to be bombarded by three dimensional Bullet Bills and Goombas for the rest of their lives, hold off on buying ’em that Nintendo 3DS. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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