Nintendo announces Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, coming 2015

nintendo announces kirby rainbow curse coming 2015
Amid a flurry of game trailers and stop-motion shorts comprising the bulk of Nintendo’s digital conference at E3 2014, the company announced what appears to be a spiritual successor to the 2005’s Kirby’s Canvas Curse via a short gameplay trailer. Entitled Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, the GamePad-centric sidescroller will allow players to control Kirby using a stylus. Players can quickly create rainbow-colored paths on which the character can roll — or you can merely poke him along — providing a means for Kirby to traverse levels without the aid of additional platforms.

Moreover, the short trailer showed a variety of new transformations, from an arsenal-heavy tank to a sleek submarine, all which Kirby will utilize as he makes his way through claymation-esque levels. There’s even a boss fight against the notorious Whispy Woods. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is slated for a 2015 release on the Wii U.

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