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Team Ninja reveals 'Nioh' DLC schedule includes both free and paid content

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Team Ninja is hard at work on post-launch content for Nioh, the recently released and critically acclaimed action game that mixes the atmosphere and challenge of the Dark Souls franchise with fast-paced hack-and-slash games. We knew post-launch content was planned, but thanks to a stream translated by Gematsu, we now know the scope of the DLC, which will start arriving in late March. The best part of the DLC? Some of it will be free.

For those who revel in Nioh‘s brutal difficulty will surely welcome the free update adding high difficulty missions. The missions will be split up into 10 types, including one that resembles a boss-rush mode.

In late April, Nioh will receive player-versus-player multiplayer. The update will also be free and was previously announced shortly before the game launched in early February. Player-versus-player multiplayer, according to game director Yosuke Hayashi, was originally considered because Team Ninja knew that Nioh would appeal to fans of Dark Souls, a franchise that has successfully implemented player-versus-player in a unique fashion.

Additionally, the first paid downloadable content comes in late April, presumably alongside the multiplayer update. The first expansion is called “Dragon of the North” and will task players with wading far into the dangerous Northern provinces of Japan. The DLC comes with a slew of fresh content: stages, scenarios, characters, weapon types, yokai, and guardian spirits.

Two additional expansions, both of which are currently undated, will round out Nioh‘s DLC, “Defiant Honor” and “Bloodshed’s End.” The former takes players to the Siege of Osaka in a frigid winter season, while the latter will detail the culmination of the siege in the game’s summer months. From this framing, Team Ninja clearly intends for the DLC to be a continuous narrative. Nioh‘s season pass unlocks all post-launch content as it releases, and can be purchased via the PlayStation store for $25.

In the meantime, if you are struggling with Nioh, check out our beginner’s guide.

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