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NYT Crossword: answers for Sunday, July 21

The New York Times has plenty of word games on its roster today — with Wordle, Connections, Strands, and the Mini Crossword, there’s something for everyone — but the newspaper’s standard crossword puzzle still reigns supreme. The daily crossword is full of interesting trivia, helps improve mental flexibility and, of course, gives you some bragging rights if you manage to finish it every day.

While the NYT puzzle might feel like an impossible task some days, solving a crossword is a skill and it takes practice — don’t get discouraged if you can’t get every single word in a puzzle.

If you’re having trouble completing today’s NYT Crossword, we’re here to help. We’ve got all the answers for today’s clues down below.

NYT Crossword answers today

New York Times Crossword logo.
New York Times


1 Fills, as a moving van : LOADSUP
8 “Incorrect!” : ITISNT
14 Country on the Gulf of Guinea : GABON
19 “Oh, really?,” informally : IZZATSO
20 River through the Black Forest : DANUBE
21 Corkscrew-shaped pasta : ROTINI
22 All crossword fans love this puzzle; anyone who doesn’t love this puzzle can’t be a *real* crossword fan! : NOTRUESCOTSMAN
24 Capable : UPTOIT
25 “Seat” for a toddler : KNEE
26 Bygone auto inits. : REO
27 Pieces of apparel that might have concert dates printed on them : TEES
28 Mars, a star : BRUNO
29 Flash : SEC
30 Why was this chosen as today’s puzzle? Because it’s great! What makes it great? I mean, it was chosen for publication! : CIRCULARREASONING
35 Kind of candidate : PHD
36 Plastic ___ Band : ONO
37 Sport with the rank yokozuna (“grand champion”) : SUMO
38 Light beige : ECRU
39 Tear : SPREE
42 Comic book sound : POW
44 What “you better not” do, in “Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town” : POUT
46 Nintendo avatar : MII
47 I sent this crossword to 100 friends, and two of them really liked it! : CHERRYPICKING
53 Fixed sum, for some : STIPEND
55 Make like a nomad : ROAM
56 Story ___ : ARC
57 “What did I say?!” : SEE
58 Hint of color : TINGE
59 Balance provider : ATM
60 Shrank (from) : SHIED
62 16th birthday present, sometimes : CAR
63 Locale : SITE
65 What’s more, one of those friends won the lottery right after solving it — coincidence? I think not! : POSTHOCERGOPROPTERHOC
72 Piece worth approximately five pawns : ROOK
73 Many, many years : EON
74 “Capeesh?” : YHEAR
75 Squeeze (out) : EKE
76 Paintball impact sound : SPLAT
79 Beetle juice? : GAS
80 Opposite of bien : MAL
81 ___ gift (common spring purchase) : GRAD
82 Lizard’s grippers : TOEPADS
85 If you criticize this puzzle, where will it end? Before long, you’ll be criticizing your mother’s cooking! : SLIPPERYSLOPE
89 Make a choice : OPT
90 Expresses disapproval, in a way : TUTS
92 Aberdeen denial : NAE
93 World capital or the name of its gulf : TUNIS
94 Sled dog command : MUSH
96 Punishment for goofing off in practice, perhaps : LAPS
98 Org. whose website has a “What Can I Bring?” section : TSA
100 Certain publication, in brief : MAG
101 Besides, The New York Times said it was good! : APPEALTOAUTHORITY
106 Trisolarans in “The Three-Body Problem,” e.g., for short : ETS
109 Model material : BALSA
110 Humble reply to a compliment : ITRY
111 “Go on …” : AND
112 Blind piece : SLAT
113 Home of Mount Doom in “The Lord of the Rings” : MORDOR
114 Part of a flawed argument, examples of which are seen throughout this puzzle : LOGICALFALLACY
118 Corpulent : ROTUND
119 Previously, poetically : ERENOW
120 Not touched, in a way : UNEATEN
121 Zoom alternative : SKYPE
122 What fingerprints and mountains have : RIDGES
123 Credulous quality : NAIVETE


1 Hot ___ (breakfast side) : LINKS
2 Global protection : OZONE
3 Onetime pyramid builder : AZTEC
4 Go out on a limb : DARE
5 Bassist Cook of Creedence Clearwater Revival : STU
6 Email address, often : USERID
7 Wannabe : POSER
8 Bachelor’s last words : IDO
9 Part of a sleeve, in brief : TAT
10 Commercial lead-in to cart : INSTA
11 Region of ancient Mesopotamia : SUMER
12 Pro hoopsters : NBAERS
13 React to a sensitive subject, say : TENSEUP
14 Camera that comes with a head strap : GOPRO
15 Harmonize : ATTUNE
16 Certain cyborgs : BIONICMEN
17 What Homer Simpson gives to Marge as jewelry : ONIONRING
18 Very conservative player, in poker lingo : NIT
21 Erases : RUBSOUT
23 Pixar movie with the song “Un Poco Loco” : COCO
30 Singer with #1 hits in the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s : CHER
31 Insensitive, in a way : UNPC
32 Style : LOOK
33 Old Testament book : AMOS
34 Tourist’s aid : GUIDE
35 Treatment whose name suggests its long-lasting effects : PERM
39 Quarrel : SCRAP
40 Snap : PHOTO
41 Stationery stacks : REAMS
43 Where Barbie is originally from, according to her creators : WISCONSIN
45 Giggle : TITTER
48 “Yippee!” : YAHOO
49 Cause to pop, say : PRICK
50 Summer treat : ICEE
51 Semimonthly tide : NEAP
52 Leader of the Pacemakers in 1960s pop : GERRY
54 Fishing spot : PIER
60 Aimed for : SHOTAT
61 Last sips : DREGS
63 Weapon for Achilles : SPEAR
64 Four-time FIFA World Cup winner : ITALY
66 Hunter’s construction : TRAP
67 Cry from a hockey commentator : GOAL
68 “Great heavens!” : OHME
69 Night ___ (bird) : HERON
70 Mammal endemic to the Democratic Republic of the Congo : OKAPI
71 Gives up : CEDES
76 Leaf opening : STOMA
77 Story with many dimensions? : POPUPBOOK
78 “Time to celebrate!” : LETSPARTY
81 Noise at a beer festival : GLUG
83 Slow-witted sort : DULLARD
84 Number in a recap : STAT
86 Way : PATH
87 MXN, on a currency chart : PESO
88 Hotel visit : STAY
91 Plot ruiner : SPOILER
95 Aged well : HELDUP
97 Enlightened state in Zen Buddhism : SATORI
99 Asia’s ___ Sea : ARAL
100 13,000+-foot peak in Yosemite : MTDANA
102 All together : ASONE
103 Prodded : URGED
104 Like a dramatic ninth-inning run, perhaps : TYING
105 Just for kicks : INFUN
106 Overjoy : ELATE
107 “Don’t play,” on a music score : TACET
108 “Funny Girl” composer Jule : STYNE
112 Eastern European : SLAV
113 Title awarded after a match? : MRS
115 Iowa college : COE
116 Sympathetic sounds : AWS
117 Gift tied together with string : LEI
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