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An ‘Overwatch’-‘GoldenEye’ crossover aims a Golden Gun right at your nostalgia

Overwatch 64
YouTuber Noilleber crafted a loving mashup of two of the greatest shooters ever made: Rare’s GoldenEye 007 and Blizzard’s Overwatch. Although the two games are separated by decades, they go surprisingly well together.

The video, spotted by Polygon, should hit you right in the nostalgia center if you ever whiled away summer afternoons playing four-player split screen in GoldenEye, a Nintendo 64 game released in 1997. From the opening beat of the character select screen to the inexplicably breathy sound of getting shot, these sounds should come back to you easily.

Players who spent their childhoods racing one another to pick Oddjob, the shortest character and thus the hardest to hit, should appreciate the fact that Overwatch‘s Torbjorn — himself no Jaws — is first to get picked here as well. Remember when multiplayer balance wasn’t a thing — and balance patches — or any kind of patches for that matter?

From there, the clever mashup lets the deathmatch play out, with Soldier 76, Sombra, McCree, and Torbjorn competing to see who can make thick red blood slowly ooze down the others’ screens the most. The characters are running around in the final section of Dorado, an escort map in Overwatch that lends itself surprisingly well to a Facility comparison.

Noilleber’s channel has some other mashup videos, including multiple OverwatchMario Kart crossovers, plus a variety of other Overwatch videos.

When you’re done checking those out watch the video below for some more GoldenEye nostalgia. If you thought the game’s synthy, spy-powered beats sounded good on the original N64 cartridge (they didn’t), wait until you hear them totally uncompressed courtesy Video Game Tracks.

Throw this on a loop while you play Overwatch and you are one step closer to the mashup we all apparently really want.

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