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Pendleton Ward teams with WayForward for Adventure Time DS

WayForward, gaming’s foremost purveyors of powerful 2D goodness, are teaming up with Pendleton Ward to make a Nintedno DS game based on the bizarre, wonderful Adventure Time cartoon.

You read right: Adventure Time will be made for the nearly eight-year-old Nintendo DS, not its newer sibling the Nintendo 3DS. Ward announced the game with a series tweets and sketches on Thursday night, and stressed that the game would be developed for the older system. WayForward has a storied history on the platform, making some of its best 2D games including Shantae: Risky’s Revenge and Aliens: Infestation as well as what is considered its very worst game, Ping Pals. After seven years working on the DS though, it appeared that WayForward was moving on from the device in December when it released the 3D puzzler Mighty Switch Force.

The only other detail Ward offered up about the project is that he will be working closely with WayForward to make the game, so any Adventure Time fans worried the game would feature a less then authentic take on Finn and Jake can rest easy.

Of all developers working on games today, few have WayForward’s track record of making eminently good games based on licenses. The aforementioned Aliens as well as 2010’s Batman: The Brave and the Bold are the sort of licensed games that are put on the market as quickly and shoddily as possible, but WayForward crafts them with care. Adventure Time may be the last great Nintendo DS game.

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