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There are hidden secrets in the PlayStation 4’s latest update

playstation 4 400 update sharing stream
Earlier this week, the latest update for the PlayStation 4 was released, bringing it to version 3.50. This release brought some cool new features, like Remote Play support for PC and Mac computers, but it seems some of the more interesting changes remained undocumented and essentially hidden, at least for a very short while.

It wasn’t long after the release that some users began to notice changes in the update that Sony hadn’t mentioned. These were discussed among PS4 fans and eventually brought together in the form of a list of unofficial patch notes on Reddit.

One feature music lovers will be happy to see is the return of the USB music player. This feature had been removed from the PS4 in September, with the intention of moving all playback into the Media Player app. This had a downside however, as users could no longer play music from a USB drive while in-game. Now that ability has returned.

The other major feature will be a boon to those with large game collections who would rather have everything installed at once. The PS4 now supports internal drives up to 4TB in size. Replacing your hard drive isn’t exactly encouraged by Sony, but it’s currently the only option if you want more than 1TB of internal storage.

A number of other small tweaks have been included as well, like the ability to turn off screenshot notifications and limit party sizes to anywhere from two to eight players. Life from PlayStation has also received some tweaks, adding a search field to the game list and the ability to “pin” up to three games at the top of the list.

As reported earlier this week, Remote Play support for PC and Mac was the most lauded feature of the 3.50 update, but there were quite a few others, like the ability to create scheduled events or appear offline, and support for streaming to Dailymotion.

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