PlayStation 4’s F2P launch lineup adds ‘Warframe,’ ‘DCUO,’ ‘PlanetSide 2’

Planetside 2

Sony’s free-to-play PlayStation 4 launch lineup scored three new additions today: Digital Extremes’ free-to-play third-person shooter Warframe, the massively multiplayer FPS Planetside 2, and the DC Comics MMO DC Universe Online. Warframe arrives right at the PS4’s launch, the developer confirms, while Sony promises DCUO and Planetside 2 console releases later this year.

DCUO is available now for PlayStation 3, while Warframe and Planetside 2 remain PC-only until their console debuts on PlayStation 4. All three games retain their free-to-play, microtransaction-driven models on the new platform.

“Players are evolving and want a variety of ways to access and play games. Our goal is to deliver epic gaming experiences that players crave while harnessing the awesome power and technology of this incredible new platform. We are thrilled to bring two of our most popular free-to-play games to PS4,” Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley said.

Warframe creative director Steve Sinclair praised the PS4’s controller and the game’s “silky smooth” performance in an interview with IGN. He also said the DualShock 4 controller’s touchpad plays a role, adding that Warframe on PS4 will come with new monthly content updates and companion apps for iOS and Android devices.

These aren’t the first confirmed F2P titles for the upcoming console. Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida told Game Informer in May that Sony is developing its own free-to-play game and that the company is open to different pricing models. Previously it announced that Blacklight: Retribution, another free-to-play shooter, will also head to PS4 at some point.

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