Project CARS developer announces crowdfunding campaign for sequel

Project Cars 2

It seems like it was only yesterday that Project CARS was released, and that is almost true, as it was released last month on May 7. With that in mind, it’s somewhat surprising that not only has a sequel been announced, but it is already being crowdfunded.

Developer Slightly Mad Studios announced both Project CARS 2 and the crowdfunding campaign behind it yesterday in a post on the Project CARS website. This early announcement is partly to raise funds but the goal, as with the first game, is for Project CARS 2 to be “created, tested, and ultimately approved by” fans.

This sequel promises more of everything that was in the first game, and considering the quantity of cars and tracks in Project CARS, that’s fairly impressive. The developer promises more than 200 courses spread across 50 unique locations. On the car front the game will feature over 200 cars from 40 different vehicle classes, including concept cars.

While the game is being crowdfunded, it isn’t going the Kickstarter route. Project CARS 2 is seeking funding through WMD Portal with a goal of £7 million (roughly $11 million USD). The standard tiers and rewards are in place starting as low as £50 ($79) and ranging all the way up to £10,000 (roughly $15,000).

At the time of this writing, Project CARS 2 has raised over £300,000 after less than one full day of the campaign. There is currently no word on what Slightly Mad Studios is aiming for as a release date, but considering the delays that plagued the first game despite its experienced development team, we wouldn’t expect to see it soon.

If you’re worried that the first Project CARS will fall by the wayside, the developers have promised that it will continue to keep the game updated, bringing “fresh new features, updates, and great things to play with throughout the year.”

If you’re interested in backing the new game, head over to the Project CARS 2 page on WMD Portal.