New trailer and release date arrive for massive space adventure Rebel Galaxy

For a pair of developers with deep roots in the action RPG genre, and with development experience reaching from Diablo to Torchlight II, one of the last things you might expect would be a game set in space, centered around massive capital ships. In the case of Double Damage Games’ upcoming Rebel Galaxy, though, it makes a surprising amount of sense.

The game, which Double Damage describes as an “action-packed, swashbuckling space opera,” has previously been teased for 2015, but no actual release date was given. Now the game is finally coming to one of its targeted platforms, the PC, on October 20.

While a look at the trailer might not make Rebel Galaxy’s connection to its developers’ previous games immediately clear, there are certainly similarities. The game isn’t top-down, but the action does take place on a horizontal plane, so this is anything but an Elite: Dangerous-style space sim.

As players earns credits, they can buy bigger, better ships and outfit them with various weapons and defenses, providing the same hook that has gamers returning to the Diablo series time and time again. The titular galaxy is randomly generated and spans multiple star systems, so replayability should be high.

Double Damage isn’t the first studio creators Travis Baldree and Erich Schaefer have co-founded. The two were also behind Runic Games, developer of the Torchlight series. After the second game shipped, the two eventually departed in order to work on Rebel Galaxy.

“We’re very happy to announce the launch date for Rebel Galaxy,” Baldree said in the press release announcing the release date. “We’ve had more fun making this game than anything else we’ve ever done, and we’re excited — and a little nervous! — to see it out in the world.”

Rebel Galaxy will be available on Steam and GOG for $20. The PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Mac versions of the game are all expected to arrive in 2015, but no release dates have been announced.