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You can now download a Pebble watch face just like the one from ‘Resident Evil 7’

resident evil 7 pebble watch face codex smartwatch
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Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 is a gripping, horrifying experience, and it’s fair to assume that most people who play the game are so involved in it that they likely aren’t looking for tips on how to accessorize. But if you did find yourself coveting protagonist Ethan’s Codex smartwatch, there’s good news — you can now download a replica of its watch face for your Pebble.

At some point during the development of Resident Evil 7, Capcom inked a deal with Pebble to feature the company’s Pebble Time 2 smartwatch on the wrist of its protagonist. However, before this advertising effort could get off the ground, Pebble was acquired by its competitor, Fitbit.

The Pebble Time 2 was never released, save for the virtual version that Ethan wears in Resident Evil 7. However, a smartwatch developer saw the watch face in-game and decided to get to work on a version that could be installed on pre-existing devices like the Pebble Classic, Pebble Time, or Pebble 2.

“I was sad to hear the company go. but I got excited when I saw the Pebble Time 2 featured in RE7,” Reddit user Elijah Kang wrote in a post to a subreddit dedicated to the horror franchise. “No one made a decent watch face based off the game, so I decided to make one myself.”

The line graph on the watch face is apparently generated from the user’s weekly steps, hourly steps, or a series of randomized values. On devices with a color screen, the readout will change from red to green to yellow depending on the watch’s remaining battery life. Bar graphs are included at the bottom of the screen to mimic the in-game watch, but they don’t reflect any real data.

Anyone who’s eager to introduce a little slice of Resident Evil 7 into their everyday life can download the free watch face right now from the Pebble app store.

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