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SanDisk 256GB microSD for Nintendo Switch down to $55 — today only

For a very limited time, you can have all the peace of mind that storage brings — a SanDisk 256GB microSDXC memory card for your Nintendo Switch — for $45 off at Best Buy. This game-saving device is $55, marked down from $100, but this deal is only available until the end of today. So if you’re looking for some backup storage for all your favorite games like Fortnite, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Animal Crossing, act now.

One thing we’ve seen during this unprecedented time is a great focus on the wonderful world of gaming, and all the distraction it can provide. In fact, it’s difficult to turn to your feed on Twitter or Instagram without reading umpteen references to how people’s invented worlds are coming along in Animal Crossing. A Switch memory card can offer the ability to carry around many games at once — letting you play not just your favorite game, but all your favorite games, on the go.

As opposed to SDHC cards, which only get as big as 32GB, SDXC stands for Secure Digital Extended Capacity, and allow sizes up to 1TB (games like Fortnite take up about 4GB while Dragons Quest Heroes needs 32GB, so you can do the math for which of your favorite games 256GB will accommodate). This card from SanDisk — one of the best-known names in the memory card market, famous for rigorously testing their products — can give you read speeds of up to 100MB/second and write speeds of 90MB/second which is incredibly fast and translates to not a whole lot of waiting around for your games to load, not to mention your photos, videos or whatever else you store on here. SanDisk has also built this little monster to resist damage from shock, water, X-rays, and temperature, which can be a huge relief, considering the whole point of the Switch is that you can take it with you.

There are some other fantastic Nintendo Switch deals happening right now. And as any Nintendo Switch gamer knows, going without a memory card is not really an option. This one, from SanDisk, with 256GB of storage, is a fantastic size for all Switch gamers, from casual to the obsessed, to the borderline pro. Get it for $55 off, today only, at Best Buy.

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