Silverfall RPG Blends Sorcery, Science

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Video game publisher Atari announced today the release of a new 3D action role-playing game developed by Monte Cristo Games. The game is called Silverfall and it is priced around $40.

Silverfall, which is available on the Windows platform only, puts gamers into a fantasy world which blends science and sorcery. Gamers take on quests and kill opponents as they venture through the world of Nelwe. Two non-player characters can join the primary player.

Silverfall offers a character building system of advancement and equipment that allows for customization of characters. Gamers, choosing from four races and nine skill sets encompassing more than 130 individual skills, can develop characters such as scientist troll magicians, elemental elf warriors, or mercantile goblins. Gamers will play through a 25-hour main quest, numerous side quests and two multiplayer modes, player-versus-player and co-operative. A game editor is also included, allowing one to create their own adventures to play alone or with friends.

"Engaging, immersive and imaginative, Silverfall is a unique addition to the genre of role-playing games," said Stephen Baer, senior product manager, Atari, Inc, in a statement. "Having been among the top five of’s ‘Top 10 PC games’ list for the last week, Silverfall is certainly a must-have for PC and RPG fans alike."