Insomniac’s Spider-Man game for PS4 coming in 2017, Marvel exec says

A Marvel executive may have let slip the release window for the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man game, stating that the game will be out in 2017.

In a clip posted to the gaming message board Neogaf, Marvel Digital Media vice president and executive editor Ryan Penagos said the PS4 Spider-Man game will be out this year. “There’s even more on the horizon for 2017, like Spider-Man coming to PlayStation 4 and Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite coming to Xbox One, PS4, Windows PC,” Penagos said excitedly.

The PS4 Spider-Man game in development by Ratchet and Clank and Sunset Overdrive studio Insomniac Games was announced during Sony’s 2016 E3 press conference. Not much is known about the PS4 game beyond what’s seen in the teaser video above, and even that might not be representative of actual gameplay. If the PS4 Spider-Man game really is coming out this year, though, we should expect to see more of it soon, especially at E3 2017 in June.

There are some caveats to this rumor, however. For one thing it’s unclear exactly where the video came from, though it appears to be some sort of official Marvel stream. It’s also unclear how old the clip is. The Neogaf poster connected the quote in the clip with a tweet from last week in which Penagos said he was having a meeting about “#SpiderManPS4,” but it turns out the video might be significantly older.

James Stevenson, Insomniac’s community and marketing lead, chimed in on the message board to clarify. “As we’ve always said, no release time frame has been announced,” he said. “Also that clip is not new at all — it’s months old — so don’t connect it with a tweet about a meeting last week.”

In addition Insomniac tweeted a similar refutation, stating that “No release time frame has been announced.”

To be fair, no one from Insomniac is saying “Spider-Man on PS4 isn’t coming out in 2017.” What they’re saying is they haven’t announced it one way or the other, which is typical for news like this. The release date announcement for a major game is a huge part of the marketing cycle, and given that Sony, Marvel and Insomniac all have a stake in this one it’s doubtful anyone would casually reveal it unless it was a legitimate accident or simple slip of the tongue.

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