Square Enix unveils limited edition ‘Final Fantasy XV’ PlayStation 4

playstation 4 ff15

It’s now only a matter of months until the long-awaited Final Fantasy XV is unleashed upon fans of the series, and as a result we’re seeing developer Square Enix step up its promotional efforts. Today, the studio unveiled the first-ever limited edition variant of the brand new, slimmer PlayStation 4 console.

The system boasts a large moon decal and a more understated rendition of the game’s logo, as per a report from Engadget. It’s scheduled to launch in Japan alongside the game itself, and will retail for 40,000 yen (about $390). There’s no confirmation that the limited edition console will be available in other regions at this time.

Final Fantasy is undoubtedly one of the biggest franchises in all of gaming, and for that reason, Square Enix needs to ensure that each new mainline release feels like a major cultural event. This is especially true in the case of this year’s Final Fantasy XV, which has now been in development for a decade.

The studio has already released Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive, an animated movie prequel starring Aaron Paul and Lena Headey. We’ve also seen a supplementary virtual reality game that casts players as a character called Prompto in an epic battle with a monstrous Behemoth.

However, no amount of spin-offs or limited edition consoles will appease fans if the game itself is underwhelming. The last single-player installment in the mainline series was the divisive Final Fantasy XIII, so Square Enix will be hoping that Final Fantasy XV can return the franchise to its former heights.

There’s plenty of reason to be excited about the game based on what we’ve seen ahead of its release, but given that its story has largely been kept under wraps, there are still plenty of questions to be asked. Fortunately, fans don’t have long to wait — Final Fantasy XV will launch worldwide on November 29, 2016.