Tetris Evolution Breaks Out on Xbox 360

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Video game publisher THQ announced today the release of a new Tetris game for the Xbox 360. This game, titled Tetris Evolution, is priced at $30 and is the latest title in a franchise which began when the first Tetris game appeared on PCs in 1985. Since then, the game has released across nearly every game system and sold more than 70 million units worldwide.

Tetris Evolution, according to THQ, offers a variety of new modes and features, in addition to the traditional Tetris gameplay elements. New to the Tetris franchise is the ability to download and customize themes, backgrounds, skins and icons. There are also new gameplay modes including Go Low, Eraser and a co-op mode called Hotseat where multiple players can manipulate Tetriminos within the same matrix.

Tetris Evolution will let up to four players to engage in competition on a single console or via Xbox Live. A new online ladder system enables players to track their overall skill level and accumulate Xbox Live achievement points to increase their Gamerscore.