Transistor comes to PC and PlayStation 4 on May 20

transistor comes pc playstation 4 may 20

Bastion developer Supergiant Games is set to release Transistor for PC and PlayStation 4 on May 20, the dev’s website confirms. While it’s not a follow-up to the studio’s critically acclaimed debut, it’s built on the same sort of action-RPG framework, but with more of a sci-fi feel. The story follows the sentient titular sword and its wielder, a young singer named Red, as they attempt to evade the The Process, which wants them both.

While the game uses the same isometric perspective that Bastion did, there’s more of a tactical element to the gameplay. Combat flows around Red avoiding enemy attacks until her Action Bar fills up, at which point you can enter into a planning mode. From here, you plot out your movements and attacks, then put them into action. The approach falls close to turn-based combat, but with some additional reflex-driven twitchy elements thrown in.

You’ll be able to find out for yourself when Transistor comes to the PlayStation Store and Steam, for $19.99, on May 20.