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Verdansk seemingly returning to Warzone, but not in the way you’d expect

During GameSpot’s Swipe Mobile Showcase, Activision officially revealed Call of Duty Warzone Mobile, which was teased earlier in 2022.

As its name suggests, Warzone Mobile, formerly code-named Project Aurora, is a new version of the battle royale game designed specifically for mobile devices.

The Swipe event featured a quick teaser for the upcoming game, showing the beloved plane deployment sequence reminiscent of the 2020 version of Warzone, indicating the return of the Verdnask map in the mobile version. The teaser didn’t actually show gameplay or any footage of the map, but based on the short clip and previous leaks, it’s highly likely Verdansk will come to Warzone Mobile.

This is great news for players who have missed Verdansk since Caldera’s integration into the main game in December 2021. While it might be disappointing that the map has yet to be confirmed for Warzone 2.0, at least players will get to enjoy Verdansk in the mobile version of the upcoming game.

We know Warzone Mobile will offer a shared progression system across other Call of Duty games, and will support up to 120 players.

Chris Plummer, vice president of Activision Mobile, says Warzone Mobile is the culmination of everything the team has learned while developing Call of Duty Mobile. Plummer says the game is in private alpha currently, indicating it’s making steady progress toward a final release. It’s unclear when the game will launch in full, but it’s possible it could release in 2023.

Activision will reveal more about Warzone Mobile during the upcoming Call of Duty: Next event on September 15, 2022.

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