Xbox One: Hands-on photo gallery

Microsoft has finally pulled the curtain back on the next generation of Xbox, putting months of rumors to rest in the process. Contrary to what you might’ve been expecting, the new Xbox isn’t called Durango, Infinit, or 720 – it’s Xbox One. Since this is actually the 3rd generation of Xbox, we were a bit puzzled by Microsoft’s name choice at first, but as they revealed the system’s features, it started to make sense.

Microsoft designed Xbox One to take three sources of entertainment – TV, video games, and web browsing – and seamlessly unify them into one experience. In a lot of ways, this thing is like the offspring of a weird love triangle between TiVo, a gaming PC, and a browser. And it’s got a bunch of awesome new features too, including voice and gesture controls, multitasking, and a new controller with tactile feedback. 

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