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DT Giveaway: A chance to fly with JetPack Aviation

dt giveaway jetpack aviation dtgiveaway
Earlier this week we got a live demo of JetPack Aviation’s new JB-10 jetpack, and it totally blew our minds. After a few minutes of preflight checks, founder and chief pilot David Mayman lifted off from the back of a tugboat, ascended a few dozen feet, and then zipped across the Port of Long Beach as if he had done it a million times. It was nuts — the amount of control and articulation he had over the pack was exactly like all the sci-fi movies had promised — and apparently it doesn’t take much training, either.

Sound like fun? Well we’ve got good news for you. To celebrate the completion of the JB-10, JetPack Aviation is raffling off a chance to be the first civilian to fly the jetpack. If you’re bold enough to give it a try, follow the links below and we’ll put you into a fully randomized electronic drawing.

JetPack Aviation

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