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Gorgeous, powerful new Quad Driver in-ears from 1More start shipping in April

1more quad driver in ear availability monitor
The company may not be a household name, but 1More proved that it was worth keeping an eye on with its Triple Driver in-ears, which offered sizzling sound for just $100. At CES this year, 1More announced what promises to be a bigger, better follow-up called the Quad Driver in-ears, which it recently said will begin shipping in the first week of April.

Like the Triple Driver in-ears, the Quad Driver features a sleek metal exterior, which adds a more stylish touch than the usual utilitarian look associated with in-ear monitors. This premium feel doesn’t end with the look, as multiple replacement ear tips and a carrying case to keep the in-ears safe while you’re on the move are also part of the package.

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As the name implies, the Quad Driver in-ears feature one more driver than the Triple Driver. While the Triple use a dynamic driver to handle the low end and two balanced armature drivers to handle the upper parts of the frequency range, the Quad Driver adds another balanced armature driver. This should make for more nuanced midrange and high frequencies, as well as improved bass since the dynamic driver can be used solely for the lows.

We had a chance to try the Quad Driver in-ears for ourselves at CES earlier this year in Las Vegas, and while trying out headphones on a cacophonous show floor is less than ideal, we were impressed by what we heard. Like the Triple Driver, the Quad Driver in-ears offered crisp, clear sound, but with an expanded soundstage and more powerful bass.

While the 1More Quad Driver in-ears won’t be available until next month, you can pre-order them now for $200 from the company’s website. In the meantime, for a better idea of what to expect, take a look at our initial impressions of how the Quad Driver in-ears sound.

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