The Danes do it again: Beovision 11 is certainly a sight to see

beovision 11 bo bang  olufsen flagship tv
Today, Bang and Olufsen announced that its BeoVision 11 television – the company’s first-ever Smart TV – will be arriving in U.S. showrooms this month. The television will hope to titillate stateside consumers enough to make a splash in the luxury electronics sphere.

 The TV senses ambient light in a 360-degree range and adjusts the picture accordingly, tweaking the brightness and/or contrast to optimize for the conditions. It also boasts an adaptive contrast system that the company claims can showcase detail that would normally be washed out by light, or dampened by dark. Rounding up the specs is the 3D-enabled TV’s 240Hz LED-lit LCD screen, equipped with a glare polarizer for brighter rooms.

Bang and Olufsen didn’t want to disappoint its audiophile fans, either, so, BeoVision 11 has been outfitted with six speakers, each powered by a dedicated 32-watt ICEpower amplifier.

At first glance, its design is striking. Interestingly, the large face-mounted speaker set beneath the screen almost makes the TV look like it adopts the older 4:3 screen format. We’ve yet to decide if it’s different for utility’s sake, or different for different’s sake, but if you have trouble integrating strange/sleek design into your home, don’t fret —  BeoVision 11 comes with a floor stand and a wall bracket, both of which are motorized and adjustable.

Unfortunately, this is the part where we come to the price – and if you’re not affluent, you might be peeking through your fingers. The BeoVision 11 is available in 40-inch, 46-inch and 55-inch models at Bang & Olufsen stores this months with prices beginning at $6,000.