Bose AL8 Wireless Audio-Link

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The Bose link AL8 homewide wireless audio link works with any DVD-based Lifestyle home entertainment system and consists of a transmitter (AL8) and a receiver (AR1), which come packaged together. The AL8 system can be set-up within minutes, and operates wirelessly by radio frequency.

The user makes one connection from the AL8 transmitter to the Lifestyle media center in the main room. The AL8 transmitter is then simply plugged in to a standard wall outlet. In any additional room, the user makes another single connection from the AR1 receiver to a Bose link enabled powered speaker system, or a Lifestyle stereo amplifier with Bose speakers. Again, the AR1 receiver is simply plugged into a standard wall outlet for power.

The AL8 and each AR1 work together automatically by establishing a wireless link once plugged in. They then begin transmitting and receiving digital audio as well as control commands through the two-way wireless link.

The AL8 system is compatible with internal sources such as the digitally stored music on a Lifestyle system (through the technology of the uMusic intelligent playback system), CDs, and AM/FM, as well as from external audio sources connected to the media center — the TV, VCR or cable/satellite box.

The system provides dual stream transmission, allowing users to select from two different audio sources at the same time. In a primary room, for example, a user can be watching a movie through the Lifestyle 38 or 48 system, while speakers in another room play the system’s stored music collection or AM/FM radio for another family member. The AL8 system can be used to expand a single Lifestyle system wirelessly into eight different rooms. No additional software or computer-based operation is required.

All Bose link enabled speaker systems are compatible with the AL8 wireless audio link, including the new Lifestyle RoomMate powered speaker system, the 3-2-1 and 3-2-1 GS Series II DVD home entertainment systems, the Wave music system and the Lifestyle stereo amplifiers connected to Bose speakers.

The announced minimum reselling price for the AL8 system is $399; the announced minimum reselling price for additional AR1 receivers is $149.

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