Pipe bomb or boombox? Boss Audio’s ATV20 blows up tailgate parties with sound

boss audio atv20 main

The Boss Audio ATV20 speaker is a meat and potatoes man’s product. Billed as a potential tailgating favorite, its PVC-pipe-like design would make Parks and Recreation’s Ron Swanson Swoon. So let’s see if the ATV20’s audio specs are worthy of boss status, or whether they’re more unpaid intern. 

The door-handle-shaped speaker houses two 6.5-inch bass/mid drivers with poly-injection cones, a pair of top-mounted 1.5-inch soft-dome tweeters, and a 450-watt internal amp. Pretty impressive, but what makes this a tailgating accessory?  Well, for one, it’s loud (even if the 450-watt claim is dubious at best), but it’s also said to be element-proof, as its plastic enclosure allows it to blare away in any weather conditions the stadium parking lot may bring your way.

Connectivity options fit in with the tailgating motif, as the ATV20 comes with a 3.5 mm audio jack and a cigarette lighter plug, so you can tap into your in-car music cache. The unit also includes a case for a portable media player, a separate hard-wired 12-volt receptacle, canvas tie-down straps, and wire ties.

It may be out of place in your domicile, but it certainly sounds like the ATV20 has the potential to be president of the parking lot. It’s available online for $145.