CNET Plans CNET-TV Video-on-Demand Network

CNET Networks announced today that it plans to launch CNET TV, an on-demand video network to be available in the second half of 2006 via cable television, TiVo subscriber service, and via the Internet.

CNET’s distributions partners in CNET TV currently include DVR maker TiVo, Cox Communications, and TVN Entertainment. CNET’s video properties include Weekend Project,First Look from the Labs, and Insider Secrets; CNET TV will also feature news reports and special coverage of major industry shows and events, plus user-submitted videos. CNET’s GameSpot site will also be producing two half-hour series under the banner GamePlay HD, focusing on video game news, reviews, and previews.

CNET has previously worked with TiVo on a trial project to distribute video-on-demand programming. Other CNet properties include,, and the re-birthed