How you doin’? All 10 seasons of ‘Friends’ land on Netflix January 2015

computer writes ridiculous new friends scripts
Feeling ’90s nostalgic? Love life DOA? Netflix is counting on your lament for the days of baggy clothes and coffee from somewhere other than Starbucks, as the service announced today that it acquired the first-ever online streaming rights to the entire Friends catalog.

Netflix is obviously trying to get some hype started before it begins streaming the iconic show, as it has announced the deal months ahead of its release date, slated for January 1, 2015. In true Netflix form, the service will offer all 10 seasons of the show, including all 235 episodes worth of Chandler and Joey recliner duels, Phoebe’s family-friendly deranged antics, and that ever-undulating Ross and Rachel roller coaster.

With today’s announcement, it seems Seinfeld is one of the few major Netflix holdouts left from the golden days of “Must See TV,” though recent rumors have surfaced that Jerry Seinfeld and Netflix have been talking shop about adding the “show about nothing” to the all-you-can-stream Netflix buffet in the near future.

In preparation for the arrival of Friends this winter, Netflix released a new video with an acoustic version of what is quite possibly the most excruciatingly catchy TV theme song of all time. (It’s amazing they could get things lined up with the Rembrandts’ busy schedule.) Though you may cringe as much as Gunther (who also makes an appearance), you have to admit you can’t resist a click.

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